Music for Media

Film - TV - Video Games


Demo Reel

A snapshot of music for media including highlights from recent projects.

A surrealist Dance Film created by Adriana Garcia (2020).

Between Pages

A quirky, short animated film created by Scott Pardailhe and other animation students at Supinfocom univserity.


Audio Tracks

A short nostalgic piece for piano and strings with sound recordings from the city of Dundee in Scotland.
Written for Magazine Modern House.

An extract from the video game Reike, a first person shooter/adventure game set on a desolate planet in space. This track is tied to sections where the player is not in combat, but exploring the planet's surface.

Music inspired by the horror game 'Inside', used to accompany the title menu screen in a horror video game.






A collabortion with dancers at Laban which explored passing vibration around a group.

PARK - Autumn

A film I personally made as well as scored, in which image and music aim to evoke the season of autumn, as showcased within Parc Cinquantenaire in Brussels.