Concert Music

Choral - Orchestral - Electronic


Based on the powerful and moving poem by Kathleen Jamie, this choral work was commissioned in 2022 for the Trinity Laban Chamber choir and has been performed a number of times across London.


A piece for multitracked sax quartet inspired by the movement of birds and their sense of freedom.


The sounds were created through the manipulation first 5 seconds of YouTube ads.
The idea of creating monsters partly comes from that feel being inundated by advertisements on my phone, and how I think entertainment/social media has to some extent become a relentlessly commercial monster.


Electro acoustic


A pop song in the style of John Lewis Christmas Advertisements. Which I wrote, sung and produced in 2021.

How Many Sailors?

A choral work based on the Poem the 'How many Sailors to Sail a Ship' by Carol Ann Duffy. It is inspired by Sea Shanties and the contrasts in emotions that travelling and being away from home can make people feel.

My Window

A semi improvised, solo piano work which I recorded and performed in my apartment in Brussels, inspired by the calm of a late summers afternoon (2020).