Jonah Raes

London based composer of film, game and choral music


Jonah Raes is a Dutch/British composer born in Amsterdam (1999) having recently graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire with First Class Honours in Composition.

At the forefront of Jonah’s work is the goal of evoking an emotional response in the listener, and he aims to strike a balance between accessibility and complexity in his music.





A delicate interlude for piano strings and brass

An inspirational and uplifting climax

A Journey


Tense Car Chase


Space Ambience



The WhaleWatcher Clip

Recent Full Length Works

The Whale Watcher (choral)

Day 1 (film)

Based on the powerful and moving poem by Kathleen Jamie, this choral work was commissioned in 2022 for the Trinity Laban Chamber choir and has been performed a number of times across London.

A hand drawn, animated short film by Fan Jinyue, a Masters Character Animation student at University of the Arts London. The film tells the story of a girl whose monotonous and unpleasant daily life is wearing her down, but whose perspective is changed by a visitor in her dream.

The film is a work in progress and so I hope watching at this stage provides an interesting look into the stages of development for an animation, and that the music is able to fill the gaps in visual detail.

An extract from a documentary the music aims to capture the cohesion between the samll insects on a massive scale with many layers acting toghther to make a bigger whole.

Locusts (film)

Words based on the poem 'Lochnagar' by Kathleen Jamie.
For me the text evoked the wonderfully unpredictable experience of hiking in Scotland. Moments of beauty and awe in picturesque sunshine, can closely followed by windy, freezing frustration.

Lochnagar (choral)

Demo Reel

A snapshot of my music for media including highlights from recent projects.